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Kapshon Inc. is a company that believes in communication being a means to bring change. Information has to have an element of truth in it for the change to occur. Knowledge is essential for character development which will influence our decision. As a company we believe it is our moral  responsibility to create content with information that communicates this. 


Established in 2020 as a publishing company with a unique business methodology combining the traditional publishing and self publishing to bring about a hybrid system of publishing. These all as we aspire to publishing books with information that are reliable and truthful.


We later expounded our business to Social Media Management in 2022 , providing businesses with services that enhance their online presence. Connecting them to clients beyond their target audience using advance software systems and science.  


 Kapshon Publishers is a publishing company that seeks to enlighten and inform generations after generations. We strongly believe in knowledge being a means and end to a successful life. In a world of disinformation and disastrous communication we believe it’s our moral responsibility to provide the needed factual based information.

Kapshon SMM



Kapshon SSM is a subsidiary of Kapshon Inc. a media company that seeks to make a difference in our mode of communication. We focus on information transfer ensuring it is on point with the correct grammar and good language use. As an extension of our main company Kapshon SMM is here to provide social media management services.

In todays world the youths are left behind  when it comes to creative and sober content. The youths are targeted with content that does not address their main issues. The Kapshon seeks to close the gap by providing the match needed content with a touch of elegancy and creativity. Thus the tagline 


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